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Ruby Press is a publishing house specializing on architecture and urbanism. It was founded in 2008 by Ilka & Andreas Ruby to harness new critical potentials in architectural publishing beyond the coffee table book. Closely collaborating with the graphic design agency Something Fantastic Ruby Press has developed a story-telling approach to architectural communication that engages textual and visual elements in a complementary way. Consciously overriding the stereotypical formulas of the text-only theory book as well as the all-image image portfolio, the books of Ruby Press aim to make the theoretical discourse of architecture sensual while anchoring its visual representation in a coherent conceptual framework. For that reason Ruby Press books boost a versatile culture of the architectural drawing as a prime tool to both describe and celebrate architectural space.

Cary Siress, Marc Angélil
Mirroring Effects. Tales of Territory
Anouk Vogel, Cathelijne Nuijsink
Architecture Monogram #2
Dirk E. Hebel, Felix Heisel, Marta H. Wisniewska, Sophie Nash
Addis Ababa. A Manifesto on African Progress
Eleonore Harmel, Leon Jank, Mathias Burke
Ländliche Verheissung
Christine Bock, Jörg Stollmann, Ulrich Pappenberger
Das Kotti-Prinzip
Anders Lonka, Deane Simpson, Joost Grootens, Kathrin Susanna Gimmel, Marc Jay
Atlas of the Copenhagens
Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, Marc Angélil
Cairo Desert Cities
Cathelijne Nuijsink (Ed.)
Architecture Monogram #1 – Gijs Van Vaerenbergh, Cross Section
Charlotte Lao Schmidt, Freek Persyn
51N4E Skanderbeg Square, Tirana
The City As A Project
Cidade De Deus—City Of God
Building Brazil!
Reasons For Walling A House
Re-Inventing Construction
Andreas Ruby, Ilka Ruby
Riegler Riewe - The Depth Of The Surface
Urban Transformation
The School, The Book, The Town
The Economy Of Sustainable Construction
Realities:United Featuring
Reactivate Athens
Andreas Ruby, Ilka Ruby
Machen! (2. Erweiterte Auflage)
Andreas Ruby, Ilka Ruby
Infrastructure Space
Housing Cairo - The Informal Response
Giraffes, Telegraphs, And Hero Of Alexandria - Urban Design By Narration
Druot, Lacaton & Vassal – Tour Bois Le Prêtre
Berlin Transfer Learning From The Global South
Berlin Transfer Hybrid Modernities
Björn Martenson, Leonard Wertgen, Marius Helten, Niklas Fanelsa
Architecture Reading Aid Ahmedabad
Minha Casa—Nossa Cidade!
Marc Angélil, Michael Hirschbichler
Abecedarium Zur Peripherie
Something Fantastic
Berlin Transfer Open Living Structures