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Futura 2000, Magda Danysz
FUTURA 2000 Full Frame
Faith 47
Ex Animo
Estevan Oriol
This is Los Angeles
Felipe Pantone, Magda Danysz
Dynamic Phenomena
Magda Danysz
Art From The Streets
The Night Day
Various Artists
Cross the Streets
Various Artists
The Street is Watching
Letizia Battaglia
Just for Passion
Rome wasn't drawn in a day
Letizia Battaglia
WK Interact
WK Gear
Dorothy Circus Gallery
The Trilogy: The History of the Dorothy Circus Gallery
Dorothy Circus Gallery
The Doors of Perception
Kazuki Takamatsu
Hello Here I Am
A Wah Do Dem
Massimo Sgroi
Outdoor Urban Art Festival
Roma Wasn't Built in a Day
J. Stahl, Mirko Reisser, R. Reinking
Mirko Reisser[DAIM]: 1989 - 2014
Mauren Brodbeck
Oeuvres Photographiques/Photographic Works 2004/2014
Angelo Sindaco
Cooking with Bears
ACT4 25 Years
Sean Scully
Change & Horizons
Ricky Adam
Destroying Everything
Magda Danysz
Les Bains
Israel Now
Estevan Oriol
LA Portraits
Dorothy Circus Gallery
Walk On the Wild Side
Dorothy Circus
Once Upon a Time
Philippe-Alain Michaud
Flying Carpets (English)
Miss Van
Wild at Heart
The Wrinkles of the City – Shanghai
Chris Stain
Long Story Short
Philippe-Alain Michaud
Tappeti Volanti
Philippe-Alain Michaud
Tapis Volants
JR, Louise Berrebi
The Wrinkles of the City
Eric de Chassey
Diamond, JB Rock
Roma Omnia Vincit
Miss Van
Magda Danysz, Marie Noelle Dana
From Style Writing to Art
Brian Adam Douglas, Elbow Toe
Paper Cuts
CB Smith
Estevan Oriol
L.A. Women
Eric de Chassey
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres/ Ellsworth Kelly
Sten & Lex
Stencil Poster
Dorothy Circus Gallery
Pop Surrealism
I Mutanti Box
Stephen Dean
I Mutanti - Stephen Dean
Ellen Gallagher
I Mutanti - Ellen Gallagher
Djamel Tatah
I Mutanti - Djamel Tatah
Adrian Paci
I Mutanti - Adrian Paci
Adel Abdessemed
I Mutanti - Adel Abdessemed
Mike Giant
Logan Hicks
Arrivals and Departures
Nick Walker
A Sequence of Events
WK Interact
2.5 New York Street Life
Sten & Lex
Sten & Lex
James Marsha
His Majesty Fallacy
Angelo Sindaco
Skinstreet: The Skinhead Way of Life
Alex Flach
Berlin Calling
Jeremy Fish
Rome-antic Delusions
JonOne, Mai Lucas
Native, ZenTwo
The Sessions
Aaron Rose
Young Sleek and Full of Hell