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Condition H Press is a Munich based European publishing house founded by Franz Hirschbichler in 2017. The endeavor, which grew out of a close collaboration with Michael Hirschbichler’s artistic practice Atelier Hirschbichler, focuses on radical art, theory, literature and artists’ books published in limited editions in high quality. The name condition H Press, loosely referring to René Magritte’s painting ‘La Condition Humaine’, expresses a critical understanding of the book as a frame through which certain perspectives onto reality are constructed. The book, like all art, all writing and all other formats of representation and perception, is an ambiguous and dangerous medium: Everything we see hides something else, and our understanding of various aspects of the world depends on the frames, through which we relate to them. We like to envision books – and art in general – as these critical frames and strive to negotiate their power of revealing as well as covering up. The book, to us, is thus a window and obstacle at the same time. Its limitations and possibilities reflect those of the condition we all find ourselves in.