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Broken Dimanche Press is a European press interested in all aspects of books within the wider discourses of contemporary art and literature. We are committed to operating beyond and across national borders and language regions. Founded in Berlin in 2009, we are comprised of a gallery project space Büro BDP and a publishing house. We have published over 70 titles and organised many exhibitions and events.

Zoë Miller (ed.)
The Society for Matriarchal World Domination
John Holten
The Readymades. By John Holten with Artworks by Darko Dragičević
Christian Giroux, Daniel Young
Björn Hegardt, Theo Ågren
The A-Z of Gravity's End. Your Ultimate Guide to Free Fall and Levitation
Amy Ball
Rob Doyle
In This Skull Hotel Where I Never Sleep
Lisa Harlev
I'm Never Indifferent
Stine Marie Jacobsen
Pidgin Tongue
Caitlin Berrigan
Imaginary Explosions
Ursula Andkjær Olsen
Third-Millennium Heart
Nathan Brown
Lars Mørch Finborud
Sanding Down Gravestones
Hanne Lippard
This Embodiment
Alex Turgeon
Love Poems for Ceres
Åse Eg, Morten Søndergaard
Ann Cotton
Lather In Heaven
Stine Marie Jacobsen
German for Newcomers
Adam Fearon
Stine Marie Jacobsen
German for Artists
Katie Holten
About Trees by Katie Holten
Jonathan Monk
A Number of Points Randomly Connected
John Holten
A MOEDA - The Publication
Karin Bolender
R.A.W. Assmilk Soap - Special Edition
Aaron M. Moe
Protean Poetics
Fuchs Borst
The Great White North
John Holten
Oslo ; Norway
Filippa Pettersson, Ida Bencke
Three Sisters at Vrångsholmen
John Holten, Sophie Kaplan
Mahony. how a mosquito operates
Elisa Rusca
Sam Smith
Frames of Reference
Lars Mørch Finborud
The Black Signs by Lars Finborud
Jon Stale Ritland
Body Searches
Richard Moss
A Supplement to The Enclave
Lorenzo Sandoval
Ann Cotton, Kerstin Cmelka
I ; Coleoptile
Morten Søndergaard
Brian Larosche
Un Coup du 3Des
Hanne Lippard
Nuances of No
Simon Speiser
like biting into sugar cane
John Holten
The Readymades
Rebecca Patridge
Shane Anderson
Études des Gottnarrenmaschinen
Amanda Ackerman
Air Kissing
Isabel Carvalho
plateau singers