Christiane Blattmann, Emily Pope (ed.)
The Interjection Calendar 005
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"Over the past year, the year before and the year before that, there were many surprises. Surprises taking us off guard. So many, that slowly we are adapting ourselves to take the unexpected for granted. Amongst friends however we are training. We’re learning to be watchful: to look carefully, to listen carefully and to take seriously what our friends say- as critiquing each other well is one of the best forms of friendship. After all, surprises mostly come as such if we haven’t pricked up our ears sharply enough. We know it matters what we say, and it matters what we do.

For the Interjection Calendar each month we invite an artist, a writer, a poet or a doer of some sorts to say things — so we can share in their work in various and unexpected ways. There are no rules. We invite 12 people, as the Gregorian Calendar has 12 months — one doesn‘t always have to reinvent the wheel. There are various systems of counting months and years, but one thing all calendars have in common: they are oriented towards something bigger than ourselves. The course of celestial bodies can be mirrored in the microcosms of our own corporeal systems — it takes a moment of calm to recognize the links between the large and the small. All 12 pieces have introspection and reflection in common. They are a subjective overview of writing in the expanded field of contemporary art and writing in the year 2019, primarily it is up to you as their reader to discover the parallels and links between them. This is the Interjection Calendar 2019, the fifth collection in this series. Don’t be surprised if next year we invite another 12 contributors."

Montez Press 2020 1st edition 272 pages Softcover 10.00 × 15.50 cm 190 gram ISBN 978-1-9160634-6-4 English


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