Jesper Just, Irene Campolmi
Servitudes. Circuits. Interpassivities.
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Produced in occasion of his solo shows at Maat, Lisbon, and Kunstal Charlottenborg, Copehnagen, Servitudes. Circuits. Interpassivities. is the first in-depth recognition into Jesper Just's multilayered body of works. A filmmaker, a screenwriter, choreographer, and a performance artist, Just's practice has been constantly changing and evolving, to the point of comprising many different disciplines and media, melding together to create a unique form of art. Together with an extensive visual documentation of the artist's career, the book features texts and essays by Andrew Berardini, Irene Campolmi, Pedro Gadanho, André Lepecki, Michael Thouberg, Marianne Torp, Fatos Ustek.

Mousse Publishing 2019 1st edition 104 pages Softcover 22.00 × 29.50 × 1.8 cm 661 gram ISBN 978-88-6749-363-0 English

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