Lucas Maassen (ed.)
Rietveld by the People
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Rietveld by the People is a project that was created at the invitation of the Rietveld Bus Stop Foundation in Eindhoven to give substance to the advertising pillar that is attached to this bus stop. Gerrit Rietveld was of the opinion that the furniture he designed and made should be available to everyone and that they could possibly also be copied. One could say a kind of open source avant la lettre. Many of his furniture can be found on Marktplaats (the Dutch equivalent of Ebay). Created by professionals, amateurs, retirees, fans or people who just consider it doable. Everyone has their own story and it is often taken just as closely with the sizes, materials and colours. Sometimes people even “improve” the furniture and, for various reasons, give it its own identity.

Residency for the People gives these people a helping hand by offering this furniture (in addition to Marktplaats) in the Rietveld Bus stop and immerses itself in the stories behind the makers, buyers and sellers.

Onomatopee April 2021 1st edition 132 pages Softcover 14.80 × 19.80 cm ISBN 978-9-49-314848-2 English


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