Rasmus Hungnes (Ed.)
KUNSTforum Vol. 01 2018 – Urbanity
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The sci-fi manga Blame! (Tsutomu Nihei, 1998) is set in “The City”, a megastructure whose circumference equals Jupiter’s orbit. The construction process started (no one knows how long ago, but minimum estimates say 3000 years) on Earth in order to accommodate an ever-increasing human population. The multi-million-layered building eventually reached the Moon, which was embedded into the complex, and so on. Humanity has long since lost connection to the network controlling the city development algorithms, and the machines have gone rampant, working their robotic asses off adding annexes in all directions and dimensions, all the while eradicating remaining human settlements.

Infrastructure like roads and sewers aside: Urbanist Charles Montgomery has said that the happy city is a social city. In the connected world it’s strangely enough easy to feel disconnected. Proclaiming art as an urban phenomenon is a cliché, but ever since shamanic visions and handprints were first painted on cave walls, art and such has been a means of communication – a social phenomenon. In addition to the absence of natural disasters, Cities: Skylines lacks the opportunity to build an art scene, so we’ll have to continue doing and arranging for creative activity in densely populated areas in the external world for yet another while.


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