Kerstin Brätsch
Kerstin Brätsch: Ruine und Kovo by Kaya
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Conceived as a calendar, or as a complex stratification of layers, _Ruine by Kerstin Brätsch and _KOVO by KAYA document the work of the American artist, and of the artist duo formed by Brätsch and Debo Eilers, in their meeting with Rome’s “ruinous” past and crafts. Here the “residue” and the ancient decorative techniques becomes objects of a revision that pushes and distorts the formal rigor of these ancient methodologies—such as marble and marbled paper—towards the sidereal space. Countless fragments in between the archeological finds and a splinter from Kripton are organized and classified in abstract forms, recalling on the one hand classical decorative elements and science fiction on the other.

With texts by Anna d’Amelio Carbone, Fabiana Marenghi Vaselli Bond and Francesco Stocchi.

NERO 2019 1st edition 42 pages Softcover 34.00 × 48.00 × 1.0 cm ISBN 978-88-8056-060-9 English

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