Hercule Florence, Goeffrey Batchen, Natalia Brizuela, Pietro Maria Bardi, et. al.
Hercule Florence
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Hercule Florence was an explorer, an inventor and an artist. Born into a family from Monaco, at the age of just nineteen Florence set sail for Brazil as a draftsman on the Langsdor expedition, where he worked on the discovery of the New World, of its nature, its environment and of a society yet to be founded. This project aims to provide Hercule Florence and his work – produced from within a context of both intellectual and cultural isolation – with their rightful place in the history of scientific inventions that left their mark on the flourishing Europe of the day. Through a series of scientific contributions and painstaking research projects found in the archives, this book recounts the extraordinary character that was Hercule Florence.
Considered one of the inventors of photography, a drawer, field researcher, businessman and educator, Florence deployed his practical and intuitive intelligence, making significant contributions to a number of sectors. The rich iconography of the volume and the largely unpublished documentation highlight his unappreciated genius and his visions, many of which were to be transformed into realities.

Humboldt Books 2017 1st edition 383 pages Softcover 17.00 × 24.00 × 3.0 cm 1,000 gram ISBN 9788899385378 English

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