Ugo Mulas, Dario Borso, Giorgio Zampa
Danimarca 1961
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Italy 1961: a moment of tumultuous change, at a time when Denmark constituted an oasis of peace. Its orderly countryside, its design reflecting new ways of living, a civil population which was building a social model with modern farms and neat town centres. It was these and other reasons that led ‘L’Illustrazione Italiana’ to send the critic Giorgio Zampa and photographer Ugo Mulas to carry out an in-depth reportage in Scandinavia Minor. Some of their encounters were the stuff of legends, such as those with the writer and baroness Karen Blixen, or with the Nobel prize winner for physics Nils Bohr, but Mulas’s eye was also drawn to the newly founded Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, and in his photographs we may already note his interest in art, one which was to characterise his later research.

Humboldt Books 2017 1st edition 94 pages Softcover 17.00 × 21.00 × 0.7 cm 257 gram ISBN 9788899385248

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