Jeff Mills
BORSHCH 03 Leap Forward
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Guest edited by Jeff Mills, the third issue of BORSHCH is a bold leap forward to speculate on electronic music and creative mind in the technology-driven future. What happens with musicians when creativity becomes a controlled substance and machines seem to be more human than we are? We delve into Mills’ obsession with space and meet his collaborators from different art fields — Jessica Care Moore, Akaji Maro, and Jacqueline Caux. We also speak to Dasha Rush to discuss her fascination with astrophysics and explore ideas envisioned in Dark Hearts Of Space. Kelly Snook, a planetary scientist and instrument inventor, joins Jeff for a conversation to discuss his ideas about our expansion into outer space and to propose new scenarios of a utopian future.

BORSHCH 2018 1st edition 88 pages Softcover 23.00 × 31.00 × 0.6 cm 393 gram English


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