David Brandon Geeting
Amusement Park
40.00 €
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Geeting’s work sees a lot of circulation online. With Amusement Park we wanted to anchor the work to the printed page. We did not want to render on a reflective surface what is, in fact, meant to be seen on a backlit, digital screen. In the name of Geeting’s light and devil-may-care image making style and as referenced in the title, we bombard the viewer with four different paper stocks, traditional cmyk printing mixed with subjective, multicolor Pantone color profiles developed by Swiss design studio Colorlibrary.ch, all topped with rattlecan typography and wrapped in a plastic cover, ready to bring on your next log ride.

Lodret Vandret 2017 124 pages 22.00 × 28.00 cm ISBN 978-87-92988-20-1 English


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