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A New Kind of Queer Art Writing

Queer Formalism. The Return
by William J. Simmons

Queer Formalism: The Return expands upon William J. Simmons’s original, influential essay “Notes on Queer Formalism” from 2013, offering novel ways of thinking about queer-feminist art outside of the critical-complicit and abstract-representational binaries that continue to haunt contemporary queer art. It therefore proposes a new kind of queer art writ…

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The Diverse, Social-Cultural Act of Sitting

A Reality Divided into a Global and Local Conglomerate Expression through Chairs.

Cross Cultural Chairs. 8 chairs from 8 countries
by Matteo Guarnaccia

The anatomy of our bodies requires sitting; but do we design seats in the same way? Has our means of sitting been colonised by Modern design? And how is the diverse, social-cultural act of sitting itself reflected in this functional commodity?

In observing and analysing social and cultural differences through chairs from eight cultures in the m…

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Drama is History

Today, in the Year 2038, we Have Mastered the Great Crises

2038. The New Serenity
by VV.AA.

It was close, but we made it. The global ecological, social and economic disasters of the 2020s brought people, states, institutions and companies together. They committed themselves to fundamental rights and jointly created viable, adaptable systems and legal frameworks on a planetary basis, giving decentralized, local structures the space to maintain …

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A Quarry of Tyrolean History and Culture

Drawing is as Naked and Simple, as Being Sad or in Love

Max, Maria, Andi & Co.
by Stefan Marx

Stefan Marx’s primary medium is drawing, which he employs in a wide variety of contexts. In addition to classic drawings on paper, he also illustrates record sleeves, T-shirts, skateboards and magazines. His drawings are spontaneous sketches of his observations of everyday life, with the individual and the landscape as recurring themes.

Stefan M…

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Shrouded in Taboo

It’s not a flag, it’s a painting!

World Paintings
by Fredrik Værslev

“An old Jean-Luc Godard quip comes to mind: ‘It’s not blood, it’s red,’ to which the symbolists inevitably reply: ‘It’s not red, it’s blood!’ The same symbolists who would likely exclaim, ‘It’s not a painting, it’s a flag!’ to which the formalists would object in turn: ‘It’s not a flag, it’s a painting!’ Asked differently still, the question becomes: Is…

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